Disney…escape from Charlottesville

by Cat on August 18, 2017

It’s been a long hiatus from this blog… I’ve been busy with my stationery line at Ferme à Papier, and illustrated a book on Paris!  So what prompted me to start blogging on Mom Inc Daily again? Charlottesville did… The fog I have found myself in and the questions that my eight year old poses to me have left me speechless. Are there KKK at Disney Mom? Can I fire an astro blaster at them? I was whirling around the Mad Teacups at Disney this past week when the news was blazing about our President’s responses. I have to admit it, being caught up in Disneyland fanfare felt about the safest place to be at the time.

Today the arts and humanities committee resigned from Trump’s administration. This committee held some of my favorite authors and artists including Jhumpa Lahiri and Chuck Close. They wrote paragraphs with letters that spelled out RESIST. And this has been weighing heavily on my mind as well. We have asked this questions in my creative women’s groups endlessly. How does a women of color, a mother, a creative and artist (that’s me) resist? How have or will you? I hope we can explore this together.

I’ll still be here to post mom-life and the creative…as this, the creative world and expression and everyday motherhood have saved me over and over again in times of crisis and joy. But I will be here to post about my new endeavors, collectives for women makers to support domestic abuse and discrimination via Saving Faces and our We the Women campaign using art as a vehicle to make change. I invite you to enlighten me with your world and what you are doing with it or want to do with it!

My best, Cat



by Cat on June 25, 2014

If you haven’t seen me here on Mom Inc Daily chances are I have been under an avalanche of deadlines or on other various social media. Please follow me at @fermeapapier on instagram where I am likely to snap a shot of studio life, my work and life with Zilla on a more regular basis. I will still be posting here as well and encourage you to bookmark or subscribe! Again…many thanks for your readership and your continued support. xoxo Cat

Leaving you on this Wednesday hump with a fave photo of mind… I would love to have Zilla’s room look just like this one!




by Cat on June 11, 2014

A sweet bump to get over your Wednesday hump…



by Cat on June 9, 2014

The desk, the rug…that wallpaper… What a great Happy Monday pick-me-up room!



by Cat on June 5, 2014

I’m geeking out a little over the clever use of pattern on pattern in this sweet rainy day kid’s room


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