February 2010

Friday Fotos: Laundry List

by Cat on February 26, 2010

All in a day AND night’s work. I’m sure ya’ll can relate to this…let’s all join hands and wish the end of flu season to arrive SOON.
Happy Friday and weekend everyone!

from Designing Mom Shinmin :
After a night of continuous vomiting (Mila threw up every 20 mins last night all night), this is the laundry pile.

She went through:
1 mattress cover
1 bed sheet
4 pajamas
1 sleep sack
5 onesies
5 burp clothes
17 baby blankets (basically all that we own)
1 Shin nightgown
1 Shin bra

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Story: A Greener Life

by Cat on February 25, 2010

by Designing Mom Contributor Erin

One of the questions I was asked to explore as the “green” mom on this blog is how to get your kids involved. From my experience, it is often our children who are coming home demanding more of us and motivating us parents to recycle more, think about the earth, consider composting. But before that, there has to be something within the child that causes them to care in the first place. Before any of us commit to changing the way we do things there has to be something inside of us that causes us to care, otherwise no matter how much statistical data on carbon emissions or consumer consumption is thrown our way, we won’t have any real impetus to act.

So what is it that thing, that motivation, and where does it come from? I’ve thought about this a lot and the only real conclusion I’ve been able to draw, is that the motivation can only come from a true love of what we are protecting and that for most of us, this love is developed when we are children. I think growing up on the West Coast makes it easy to feel connected to nature. In Seattle where I grew up, I woke every morning to trees, Lake Washington and the mountains beyond. The geography became a part of who I am to such a degree that I don’t feel at ease when I am far from the water for too long. Our family vacations were often centered around experiencing nature-trips to the rain forest in Costa Rica, Glacier Bay in Alaska, the Great Barrier Reef, Bandhavgrah National Park to see the tigers in India and many trips around the Pacific Northwest to the beaches, rain forests and mountains within a couple hours’ drive. So rather than these locations being nebulous ideas, they were tangible places that I became attached to through experience. Because of the world we live in, I have also seen first hand the effects of clear cutting, over development, poverty, pollution and exploitation on these places. Without these memories, I don’t know if I would care as much.

It doesn’t take trips around the world to make this message personal, though. At least I hope not, since I doubt I will be able to provide my children with those same vacations. For us, now living in the Bay Area, it means day trips to Muir woods, a weekend at Lake Tahoe and lots of time spent at many of the beaches on the bay and up and down the coasts. Hopefully, our talks about bugs and birds and fish will turn into conversations about finite resources, conservation and protecting what we love. I thought this would be a good topic to begin our “green” postings because this is really the start to any “green” discussion: How do we make decisions, in our daily lives, that express the value we place in our environment and our health, as individuals, as a family, as a planet?

I’d love to read about what some of your favorite memories in nature are and how your attitude towards the environment was effected by the way you were raised, either positively or negatively.

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Make: Photo Alphabet

by Cat on February 24, 2010

Author and blogger Shona sent this creative photo exercise you can accomplish with your kids. Click here to visit her blog and get the tutorial!


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Make: Camera Lens Vignette

by Cat on February 24, 2010

More photo fun… Maryanne at MyPennyPile.com sent this tutorial for creating your own camera lens vignette with scrap felt.


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Balance: Working at Home

by Cat on February 23, 2010

by Designing Mom Ryan of Tin Parade

Take a sneak at our work “meeting” this past week……..

Hi Mama’s.

Kristen and I at Tin Parade often get asked by other mom’s, how we do it. We have met so many mothers who love the idea of starting a business and they aren’t sure how that fits into their every day life. Well first, it doesn’t fit into EVERY day life. There have been WEEKS actually that we find it hard to even return an email. For us, we decided at the beginning, and together, that the kids (the short people as I call them) come first. And second, its ever changing really. As their ages and schedules change, we change the time and way that we work. Right now, Kristen has one in elementary school, one in preschool and one at home. I have one in preschool and one at home. So…during preschool hours we many times have a “playdate” for the little ones…they don’t understand we are “working”…they are having a great time playing with each other’s toys and we use the opportunity to get some things done together. I wouldn’t say it’s perfect…and some days it works better than other days…of course we need quiet time to work as well…we find 45 minutes to an hour and a half here and there throughout the week…during a nap…a few shared babysitting hours…in the evening…on the weekend when our husbands are home…and outside of that..we split tasks and responsibilities so that each of us can work at home in other found moments on our own. Some of our best “meetings” have been during our morning runs.

Above: Here is Kristen’s old school (vintage?) Day-Runner…next toRyan’sBlackberry… Yes Kristen, the Day-Runner grew up! Notice the kids’ breakfast?

Some business’s do require more focused time and you’ll have to weigh how much help you need…you may need a few hours of babysitting and you may need a full time nanny. Even then, how wonderful to get to be home with them. You may remember I have another business (Savoir Flair Weddings) and I do have a part time nanny for the time I put to that business as I need to be able to make quiet phone calls and such. It all depends on the kind of work you are doing…I guess what I’m saying is that it’s doable…it always is…you just have to FIND the way that it will work for you. And it IS worth it. It is rewarding to do something for yourself and it’s important. If you just start chipping away at your idea stolen moment by moment…it WILL take form and you’ll find your way…I really believe that….The hardest thing is to START. There’s never a better moment than the present. Go for it.

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