May 2010

Shop: Dwell Studio Sale

by Cat on May 30, 2010

I’m taking a little break for the long weekend and will be back with posts Tuesday. In the meantime…there is a BIG whopper of a sale going on at Dwell Studio. Goodluck with your wallet because it’s 20% off EVERYTHING and free shipping too! It ends Monday so check it out.


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Friday Fotos: Washed, Folded…

by Cat on May 28, 2010

This cutie is none other than Designing Mom Jenn’s daughter, Hazel. She just had a birthday, or in the words of her father is now, “washed, folded and four months old…”
Have a happy Friday and weekend!

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Make: I Love You Jar

by Cat on May 27, 2010

by Designing Mom Guissell of Earthy Beginnings

This here was a gift my son made me at school… Seriously though, how C-U-T-E is this?! The little jar reads “Whenever you are feeling lonely or blue, just take out a “I Love You”… Pure genius, we all know we have those days and this little magical bottle is just bound to pick you up when much needed. LOVE IT!!!


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A Creative Life: Mazie Kane

by Cat on May 26, 2010

by Designing Mom Liberty of Libby Dibby

On Amy at Mazie Kane (photos taken by our friend Sonja)…

What is a day in your life like?
A typical day for me begins around 6:30am when I am thrust into the craziness of getting 2 of my 3 kids off to school. The rest of the day varies with errands, a trip to the gym or a quick jog hopefully, and time spent with my youngest son. If I am working on orders or creating new pieces, I usually begin them sometime in the middle of my day before it’s time to pick up my kids, begin homework or take them to classes or practices. And then of course there’s dinner, bedtime and me collapsing on the couch for a new episode of Lost or SYTYCD!

How do you juggle motherhood and art?
It is sometimes difficult for me to juggle motherhood and art. I try and fit it in throughout the day if I can, since I’m just about useless at night. As a previous dancer, I still love taking dance classes and that is the most challenging. I do try and squeeze in a class here or there, but not as often as I would like.

Where do you draw on for inspiration?
I am inspired by vintage findings, especially if they are wood or some sort of metal. I also love discovering new, pretty papers. And I am always inspired and in awe of other etsy artists as well as the displays at Anthropologie!

How do you recharge your creative batteries?
If I want to recharge my creative batteries, I will check out the Pasadena Rose Bowl Flea Market or take a dance class. Both can really feed my soul.

What’s one thing on your creative to do list?
One thing on my creative “to do” list is to become more proficient at sewing.

If you could do one thing this year that was totally frivolous – what would it be?
If I could do one thing this year that was totally frivolous, it would include a spa somewhere with wonderful girlfriends and some great food and wine.

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Shop: John W. Golden

by Cat on May 25, 2010

by Designing Mom Tori of Tori Higa

I am getting ready to decorate a kid’s bathroom and I stumbled upon some pretty great artwork via the John W. Golden etsy shop that I thought I would share. Wouldn’t a grouping of these be adorable in a child’s bathroom? He has tons of great work in his etsy shop that would make perfect accents in just about any room.

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