July 2010

Friday Fotos

by Cat on July 30, 2010

Happy Birthday to Designing Mom Jackie’s boy, Graham who turned the big 5!
Have a happy Friday and weekend everyone!


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Shop: Asher Jasper

by Cat on July 29, 2010

Oh the vast wonders of felt!  I fell head over heels for these customizable “family portrait” felt creations by Vicky at Asher Jasper.  Just send her a pic and she’ll craft your family from wool felt and tuck your semblances into an egg carton (brilliant packaging!).  Just too much cuteness…


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Best of Our Blogs: Anatomy 101

by Cat on July 28, 2010

Designing Mom Lori is contributing today for our “Best of our Blogs” series.  She has a great mid-week feature on her blog called “What He Said Wednesday…” and this is her all-time favorite.  I laughed so hard…talk about teaching mom some anatomy 101!  

from lori:

every friday the little dude brings home a folder full of worksheets and artwork that he’s worked on throughout the week. this past friday was no exception. as i glanced through the packet i came across the usual worksheets and artwork. as i examined one of the worksheets more closely, i noticed something that didn’t seem quite right….

i secretly hoped that what i saw was just another piece of food that was lower in the mouse’s belly. however, in my heart, i knew what it really was. the fact that it seemed scribbled over made it even more certain for me. i called the little dude in to look at the artwork with me. i started easy by asking what the artwork was about. he showed me all the different food that he had drawn in the mouse’s belly….and that was it. i had to step it up and address the obvious. “so, this red piece down here….is that another piece of food?” the little dude looked up at me with a guilty look that confirmed my suspicions and quietly and shyly admitted, “no, that’s his junk”.


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Make: Origami Crafts

by Cat on July 27, 2010

by Designing Mom Aya of Chronicle Books

I occasionally contribute to Chronicle Books’ blog. This one was my very first. I am not a big crafter but enjoy making a little something here and there. These are some of my instant craft projects, using origami papers that I designed.

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Shop: Summer with Nonchalant Mom

by Cat on July 26, 2010

It’s way too early to start reminiscing…but I think it’s right about this time of year (when the San Fran fog rolls in and out of the city) that I start collecting my “hits” of summer.  Below are a few of Designing Mom Carina’s (Nonchalant Mom) favorites.   I second the salmon pasta! 

from Carina:
– summer clothing: Layla
– summer color: anything fluorescent and still in love with blue (cobalt blue)
– food: summer salmon pasta
– reading:
Star – how Warren Beatty Seduced America
– my kids are crazy for putting on shows right now… one just about every day… come on over and see if you like!? 

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