January 2012

Play Date to Night

by Cat on January 31, 2012

I look like a bag lady when I head out for the day. On any given day I schlep about half a dozen outfits: workout clothes, studio clothes, meeting friends clothes, mommy clothes… Here’s an ode to the play-date-night combo…

Verdance Top

Orchid Minnie Pant

Vintage Coach Bag

Marc Jacobs Flat

Dessau Dress

Mui Mui clutch

Miss L Fire heels



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Make: Wearable Words

by Cat on January 30, 2012

Want to make a Vogue-worthy skirt out of your paper scraps and newspaper? I’m fortunate to have a lot of crafty hands at the studio and Sarah (with extra help from Sam) shares her fun “Make” for a mom and daughter dress up skirt with us today…

Need a new outfit to play dress up with your daughter ? Here is an easy and fun recycled skirt project, perfect for mom and kids to wear ! Use any kind of scrap paper laying around, make sure that they are all the same length, or have scissors handy to make adjustments.Get crazy and personalize the skirt with your own drawings. Let your creative juices flowing, have fun!

What you need:

  • Newspaper (a lot)
  • Clear packing tape
  • Stapler
  • Scissors to manage length of skirt
  • Open desk or floor space
  • Velcro
1. You will begin by constructing the garment’s waist. Measure appropriate width of waist using horizontally folded pieces of newspaper.

2. Once you have stapled the necessary amount of paper together for the waist, make sure to lay the construction down on your open craft space.

3. Begin vertically folding pages of newspaper to your desired thickness.

4. You can staple your vertically folded pieces perpendicularly into the waist band.

5. Continue with step 4 until there are no longer any ‘peeps’ in between the folded pieces of paper. Layering will result in a thicker piece.

6. Secure waist band with velcro strip.


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Biz Card Giveaway: Delphine

by Cat on January 27, 2012

Who said business cards need to be no frills and buttoned up? Designing Mom Erika of Delphine is giving away 5 sets of personalized business cards. And they’ll be pretty in your pocket when you’re out and about networking your new business… Click here to enter. Happy Friday and weekend everyone!


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This week’s blog pick comes from Designing Mom Heidi and the charming modern owl themed baby shower (via Ontobaby) she put on for her friend in Colorado. Orange and turquoise are sprinkled throughout with an ode to mid century motifs and decor…


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Events: Bloomie’s and Cat Seto

by Cat on January 25, 2012

January heralds the bridal season and our studio had the pleasure of presenting our invitations at the San Francisco Bloomingdales registry event. We’ve done this event for several years now but I never tire of meeting brides and hearing a couple’s romantic proposal story. As you can see there were a lot of great (and yummy) companies that Sam got to meet and sample…

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