October 2012

Make: Duck Costume

by Cat on October 31, 2012

Designing Mom Shinmin has been my co-conspirator and inspiration for the past few Halloweens. Her costumes simply rock. Every year when I start to weaken on my costume making goals I close my eyes and think of her and press on with the glue guns and felt piles. This year her daughter Mila requested to be Beatrix Potter’s Jemima Puddle Duck. And Shinmin did not disappoint. Here is a 3D view of it (below):

above: you can also click this link if the video doesn’t appear.


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Make: Chiquita Banana Lady Costume

by Cat on October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween! I have two more amazing costumes to show today that will have you grinning from ear to ear. From Designing Mom Kirsten of SimplyGrove:

Here is Eden as the “chiquita banana lady” She had the choice of getting anything and she saw this and begged me. Most kids don’t even know who the chiquita banana lady is!  That’s my Eden for ya.


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Make: Halloween Fox Costume

by Cat on October 30, 2012

If you’ve followed this blog then you may know I start to sweat bullets around the time of Halloween. Designing Mom Shinmin and I began a tradition of creating costumes for our little ones since they were newborns. If you want to track the history of my holiday stressors and creations there’s Zilla’s first “Nutty Squirrel” (and hence nutty mommy) costume, his custom “Zilla” outfit with flaming bottle cozy, followed by “Sushi boy” (a nod to his favorite food seaweed).

This year Zilla will be Mr. Fox for Halloween. He has favorite books, little plastic animals and a beloved fox doll I purchased at Pink Olive by Walnut Animal Society that served as great inspiration. The plight I always face is my severe handicap in sewing skills so this was yet another exercise of finding ways to glue my way to the finish line. I might be getting either smarter or lazier but I re-purposed old clothes and bought the tail to save time and headache and cut my time in half by doing this…a harried mom has got to have her short cuts right?

above: Walnut Animal Society">Nolan’s Henry the Fox doll (right)

Materials: paper mask (bought at craft store), fabric, faux fur, cloth remnants, an old knit vest, felt and foam (for ears), store bought fox tail keychain, glue, black diamond shaped button (for nose), store bought striped leggings and rain boots

tips and tricks:
-I first traced the eye holes and cut them out before gluing the fabric to the paper mask. keep your glue watery so that you can smooth out the wrinkles and roll the fabric over the mask
-the ears and bowtie were first shaped by foam. I then glued the fabric to it. I used needle and thread to pinch the ears and bowties into their shape.

above: again, my no-sew solution for pants were to take his retired summer shorts and then glue a panel of fabric around the inside of the legs. then flip the bottoms up.

above: final touches included finding some stretchy fabric and making them into cords for the mask. the bag was from the rest of the remnant cloth…I did do some basic stitching but glued the flowers using felt and fabric. to make the handles stiffer, I glued fabric around felt, then stitched it to the inside of the bag.

above: and tada! Mr. Fox all dandied up and ready to beg for candy…


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Halloween: Little Red Riding Hood Costume

by Cat on October 29, 2012

It’s the week of Halloween and the glory of trick of treating with the little ones is before us mothers. For this particular mother there is also the possible agony and defeat in my annual pilgrimage towards a Halloween costume for Zilla. I’ll be sure to share with you some photos and results in tomorrow’s post.
In the meantime I’m excited to showcase some of the amazing costumes from our designing moms. And what better way to kick off the week than with Designing Mom Julie of Lot 116’s Little Red Riding Hood costume for her daughter PJ? Gorgeous everything… To see the full feature click here.

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Happy Friday: Farina Pizza

by Cat on October 26, 2012

A Happy Friday for Zilla usually involves pizza and strawberry gelato. Give him a few years and it will probably involve reading comics too. I was at the new Farina Pizza in the Mission recently and couldn’t help but marvel at how the interior was a grown boy’s childhood fantasy come true. Love the comics on the ceiling!

Have a Happy Friday and weekend everyone!


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