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Rounding out this week, some sophisticated but girly wallpaper… Some of you have been asking about “tweener” designs and I think these are playful and young but devoid of anything “baby’ish.”

Stay tuned in the next few weeks for some really exciting changes here. I hope to be able to show them to you very soon!
In the meantime, have a happy Friday and weekend everyone!

above: Pink forest wallpaper

above: Mauve and girly wallpaper

by Designing Mom Guissell of Earthy Beginnings

Adorable handmade hats by SweetPeaToad.  Just looking at the lion hat you can see how much attention to detail is given to each product, ah but the beauty of handmade! My favorite is a toss up between The Little Lion and the Dr. Who? hat…  Available at my favorite indie marketplace, Cargoh!  Check out Cathy’s shop for more goodness.

Plover Organics has a knack for creating ultra-stylish 100% organic bedding. 

Plover textiles are produced from the highest quality 100% organic cotton, making it healthier for you and your family, for your home, and for the environment. The organic cotton in Plover’s linens comes from non-genetically engineered seeds grown in soil that is free of pesticides, herbicides or other cytotoxins – keeping poisons away from those you love and out of the ecosystem. Plover uses a hydrogen peroxide bleaching process and only low-impact, fiber reactive dyes.

Shop the entire collection of Plover Organics at Goodnight Green and take advantage of our FREE Gift Card Promotion!

I basically shopped for anything empire and loose at my own boutique when I was expecting…but if you’re pressed for time here are some stylish fall options for moms-to-be. How cute is that striped shirt? I’ve just barely scratched the surface here so if anyone has any to add please do!

a. ann taylor loft  
b. isabella oliver  
c. unbuttoned maternity

I’m hoping this helps to make all of our Mondays kick-off to a productive start… 
The adorable and talented Sabrina Soto of HGTV’s Get it Sold  was kind enough to take in some questions I had about making our places  (even if it’s down the line) with kids in tow.  If you haven’t watched the show, I am always amazed at how she is able to transform rooms with just a few simple (and most often affordable) adjustments.
Thank you again Sabrina!
*Just click below to play.  And if an you have trouble viewing it you can also click on this link. 

I had two simultaneous conversations with friends in the past week over the bane of hipsters.  One refuses to date them and the other (that’s you Designing Mom Shinmin!) showed me the most hilarious You Tube video (Hipster Olympics).

It got me thinking…what about the bane of “hipster babies?”
Lo and behold there was a little article in MSN over the weekend called Baby Fashionistas
listing “over the top baby trends.”  I pulled the photos from it (below).  Some of their picks were skulls, leopard, tutus, skinny jeans and motorcyle jackets…  I don’t mind the novelty of denim printed diapers  (kinda tired of Winnie the Pooh).  But skinny jeans?!  I LIVE for baby chub and can’t imagine hiding any of it.  

So what are some you seeing out there and are tired of?  Any crazy baby fashion scenarios?

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Shinmin October 27, 2010 at 4:58 pm

I can’t believe that you mentioned hipster olympics here. Well i guess Nolan does get a cameo in the video.


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