Balance: Work and Play

by Cat on August 21, 2012

Looking to shake things up a little? I did a challenge course recently and while I hated every minute on it, it’s something I won’t soon forget. I won’t forget the horrid 106 degree weather, the 35 foot climb and those around me probably won’t forget the look on my face when I found out the hard way “desert tightrope” was not a leisurely traipse across a wire. But being a mom and having three million things to do in the day often allows me the excuse of not trying new challenges for the sake of efficiency. In this challenge, the course was designed to be both physically and mentally rigorous, requiring that we support ourselves through upper body strength, core and balance on a wire through a series of varying hanging ropes. I have to say the best part was that I got to meet some pretty incredible women there…including a tough as nails mom of four and attorney, and a mom of three training for a decathalon (hey, even Ms. Martha Stewart and her daughter did this).

Tho I was mixing work with play, I couldn’t recommend more a retreat or mini get away for all you out there where you can be surrounded by other motivated women. It’s a great way to discover ways to fine tune your goals, push you hearts and spirits a little more through physical challenges and kindred spirits.

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tori August 21, 2012 at 4:54 pm

very inspiring! what a great picture!


Cat August 21, 2012 at 5:25 pm

thanks tori! was not too happy a camper up there that’s for sure!


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