Friday Roundup

by Cat on January 7, 2011

Hope all of you had a great first week of the new year!

• I am getting caught up with the posts and will finally post up photos of that amazing press kit Monday.  If you are into press kits and/or create them for your own biz be sure to stay tuned because this one’s the best one I’ve seen in a looong time!

• Above are some new year photos from the Designing Moms:

–#1 and #4 are from Designing Mom Tori. Her new year’s resolution is “I don’t let my kids drink soda or have artificial sweeteners, so it’s high time to practice what I preach.  In 2011 I resolve to stop dumping artificial sweeteners into my coffee!  On a side note, I am convinced that coffee is not bad for me so I won’t be giving that up any time soon!

–#2 is a photo of her “happy kids” from Designing Mom Guissell

–#3 is a photo of one of Designing Mom Lori’s adorable boys over the holidays

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