Friday Roundup: All Nighter Treats

by Cat on February 18, 2011

Happy Friday everyone!  I have been under a massive deadline for an exciting project I hope to share with you sometime soon.  My weeks have been rolling into my weekends and I have resorted to eating my way through the all nighters.  Thought I’d share some of them for today’s Friday roundup…

• (above) Whale tissue holder by Gnome Sweet Gnome.  Could you resist smiling at this while pulling tissues to pile your late night treats on top of?

• Midnight treat…Paulette Macarons. The Lavender and Rose flavors are out of this world!
• 3am (peak of the all nighter) treat…Hooker’s Chocolates.
• 5am…call me a traditionalist but Maison du chocolat is still one of my favorites
• Morning pick-me up…rum raisin rice pudding at Loving Cup
• Kiss from my Zilla…that’s by far the sweetest

What are your favorite late night/deadline treats?

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