Holiday Roundup 2010: Boutique Trinkets

by Cat on December 13, 2010

For this week’s holiday gift round-up I thought I’d pull from my boutique.  I’ve got a really talented team with amazingly crafty fingers.  I decided to create a holiday table this year to sell some of their handmade goods and let them have the opp to do consignment with me if they wanted.  Pricing seemed to be their biggest challenge but I tried to share with them a few good rules of thumb:  a.  who: know your competition and pricing b. what: assess the value of product…how long did it take to craft, materials cost,  the artistic value c. where: know where this product is being sold…what kind of neighborhood is it, who are the customers (young professionals? families?).

Below are a few of the adorable goods on display from Tomoyo and Kyoko.

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