Make: Watercolor Bags

by Cat on January 12, 2011

Got some old Anthro bags and what not leftover from the holidays? My other Craft Guru at the studio, Carly, came up with some great ways to reuse your shopping bags. See below for instructions!

Water Color Gift Bags

Paint – water colors – yellow, blue, red are really all you need to mix a wide range of colors
Paint brushes – assorted sizes
Paper bags: used shopping bags work great ( I used Anthropologie shopping bags which are nice and white, their label is easily hidden).  White bags show off the water color the best
2 glasses of water – one to clean your brushes with and the other is to carry your water color paint
Scrap paper
Ruler and pencil to help draft your design
1. sketch and layout
sketch some sample motifs on your scratch paper
on your bag define the area where your painting will go, also make some measured marks to help you paint your design keeping in mind proportion
2. test colors
mix your pallet and sample them on your scratch paper
3. the fun part
paint away
4. let dry completely before moving or making any crazy decisions
Tip: I learned the hard way watercolor can dry quickly but there are often some pooling of paint that occurs which need a little longer to dry and will smudge if handled too soon.

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