Mom,Inc Book Event LA

by Cat on July 2, 2012

I don’t know how Meg and I packed in so much within 24 hours in LA for our book event but we somehow did. And our host, Audrey of Urbanic in Venice could not have provided a more adorable and intimate space than her beautiful paper boutique. Truly wonderful to speak to all of the moms and guests and hear of their creative ideas. The one resounding question/comment throughout the evening and our QA was how or when to make the big move in starting a new business. Our book interviews 17 prominent “designing” moms and while each of them began their businesses for different reasons and at different times in their lives, there was one common trait: moving forward. They were constantly curious, eager to learn by asking peers or shadowing/interning professionals or researching. No matter whether the end result was good or bad, they were always putting one foot in front of the other and this was what I tried to impart to the attending moms.

Thank you to all the LA moms and friends who came to celebrate with us!


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