Shop: Paysanne of Boonville

by Cat on October 18, 2011

This ridiculously adorable ice cream shop happened to pop up in Boonville, a town enroute to Mendocino. Paysanne sits on the edge of the roadside and is no bigger than someone’s dining room with glass paned windows and killer views from all sides. There are huckleberry and hibuscus water popsicles wrapped in ribbon, chocolate sea salt caramel cookies and homemade sorbet. The sign inside the shop intrigued me…Paysanne, a Woman from the Country. Of course, something like this could have only been dreamt up by an enteprising woman. In this case it is cakemaker Melinda Ellis. It’s one of those dreamy shops without a legit website and enough moxy to say, I exist because I want to. Shouldn’t all of our creative dreams?

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