The Daily: Invitations at Bloomie’s

by Cat on November 8, 2010

above: macarons from the St. Regis hotel

Here’s the first in the series of “The Daily” where I’ll be giving you peeks into my daily biz and studio life.  This one in particular was a wedding event at the San Francisco Bloomingdales where we were invited to present our invitations along with other companies.

Your creative business might entail doing some shows and along with my designing moms, we plan to show all the various kinds of shows that exist.  Week long trade  shows are a whole other animal so I thought I’d start off with something a little more tame.  We always enjoy presenting at the Bloomingdale’s wedding events…mingling with other companies and seeing and advising the excited (and sometimes overwhelmed) brides is very much the reason why I got into the custom wedding invitation business.

Some biz tips:

  • Being invited to present at a single day/evening event such as Bloomingdales is always an enjoyable one as the venue is already equipped with tables, refreshments and the task of marketing and inviting guests has been handled by the host. However, it’s important to always find out beforehand about the setup.
  • Other information to find out beforehand: a. type of guests b. theme for the event c. who else is presenting d. dress code.  This determines whether you are going to be a. more informational…educating and introducing guests about the history and process of your work b. or will you be focused on selling your product to customers?
  • The pre-setup is always the longest part of the process.  Samples of our invitations need to be printed, giveaway bags and postcards need to get created…  For this event, we even printed out the name/table cards of the other attending companies.
  • Go light.  We had a long, rectangular table and luckily our product was the lightest (imagine Cuisinart and Wedgwood’s!).  We managed to carry one shopping bag filled with product, easels and giveaway bags.  This made for lightning quick setup and takedown.
  • If the venue allows…always bring something for guests to take home.  This can be in the form of postcards, business cards or giveaway bags.  We love giveaway bags because we can give guests some “visual” candy and/or samples of our stationery for them to feel and touch.
  • When presenting, always be yourself.  I am not a big believer in sales talk or pitches…  I try and give out as much essential information in the very short window of time that I meet the guest or bride as I can.  I ask them questions about their wedding… I try to take a very informational approach and show genuine enthusiasm for their big day.

I might have left out a few details so please me know if you have any other questions about presenting at events like this!  PS.  We liked the location of our table which was right in the Pratesi aisle…we almost did snow angels on the bed those sheets were so luxe!

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Jules B. November 8, 2010 at 3:05 pm

Thank you for sharing and everything looks beautiful! I am in the process of creating marketing materials and don’t want to send out just postcards.


Camerons Momma November 8, 2010 at 4:10 pm

I’ve been thinking about starting a small at home business and really want to theme it to weddings. I have planned some of my friends’ weddings and it was truly so rewarding to see the day come to life. The Bloomie event sounded like so much fun!


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