Biz How To: Packaging by Voluspa

by Cat on April 18, 2012

The wholesale and retail side of things have definitely given me a sense of appreciation for good packaging. Your product is your foundation, but the packaging can often make or break the sale, especially if you want to sell to retailers who are displaying your product. I have carried Voluspa candles in the retail section of my studio/boutique ever since I opened my Russian Hill location. Their packaging has won awards for design and it’s easy to see why: dedicated attention to packaging the candle like a gift, uncompromising details like velvet, foil, intricate patterns in concert with competitive pricing. They have attuned their packaging designs to retailers who rely on beautiful displays. As you can see by the photos, I’m not necessarily a visual display expert so I appreciate how well they sit up on my shelves without hardly any of my efforts…their attention to every corner and square inch of the product allows for pretty visuals from every angle. From a wholesale perspective I have always relied on the bread and butter of my repeat retailers. I have stayed loyal to Voluspa for their continuous innovation and how pleased customers are with such attractive packaging.

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