Biz How-to: Writing a Book for Moms 1

by Cat on April 2, 2012

The Mom,Inc. Book that I have been working on with my co-author Meg Ilasco is going to be releasing soon and we’re so excited! I hope you stay tuned as I will be writing about the new developments and fun things we have in store as the release date nears! This first post is not so much about the actual writing of a book but about getting there…to a place where you have the time, energy and frame of mind to write, create or ideate. And by book I don’t necessarily mean a NYT bestseller as it could be a journal of family stories that you bind and give to your family or a series of letters for your children to open when they graduate from highschool.

The Mom,Inc. book is a business book/guide with interviews from designing moms and our own experiences on how to start a creative business and hold down the fort at home. My background is in fiction writing and this was quite a departure from what I was familiar with. But no matter what type of writing you are pursuing, you will need some key things before you dive in:

• Support. It was only after we finished writing the book that Meg and I decided to start a book club. How we wish we did this during the time of our book writing! You are going to be lost into the world of your words and ideas and to have girlfriends cheering you on or giving you some honest feedback is a real asset. Sign up for a writing group, a book club, ask a friend if you can swap ideas with her.

• Read. I read to know what’s out there and what not to write. But when I am tongue-tied with my writing I turn to reading to unblock myself. I usually have one or two books next to me at all time and they are tattered, old favorites that I’ve had since my college days. I’ll flip to any random page and start reading to get everything in my head back into sync again.

• Oceans of time. Unfettered chunks of time to focus. If you’re a mom then you’re laughing along with me on this one. But you need to assess your schedule and start dropping things. You need to make this one of your top three work priorities and if things shift into gear then it becomes your top priority. I scaled back on my production projects and referred business to colleagues during the busiest time of my writing. And during this busy time period of the book release and my project deadlines I am even streamlining this blog by writing more about what’s happening in my every day.

• Organize. Start setting up systems. Start an online doc or calendar and sign up for Pinterest so that you can start to bookmark and file away research, notes and ideas. You’ll want an organized “black hole” to sink your inspiration into.

So all of you out there who have some journals or scribbling activity going on…start dedicating some time and thought to them! Next post will be about your writing voice…




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Nicole April 2, 2012 at 7:50 pm

Got mine last Thursday via Amazon – loving it!


Cat April 3, 2012 at 12:31 am

Yay, so glad you are enjoying it Nicole!


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