Biz How-to: Your Creative Statement

by Cat on January 3, 2012

Do you have a mission statement for your biz idea(s)…or how about a mom mission statement? I’m not  particularly beholden to 30 page business plans as the “must have” in setting up a business, especially for busy moms. But even before we go there, have any of you sat down for a minute and scribbled a creative statement about yourself? Just something simple stating what you love and the things you love doing? Artist and illustrator Alice Gabb has a short and sweet one. She also has some adorable illustrations and stuffed creatures for purchase.

Alice Gabb:

I am an illustrator and fine stationery designer, living and working in Hackney, London.

My work is mostly inspired by my love of language, British regalia and vintage curiosities.
I particularly love making things out of reclaimed textiles and antique papers, using things that have a story, and giving things a new use, in a new context.
I design fine stationery, to try to encourage people to write more letters.
I do love getting letters.

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