Decorate: Sweet and Sentimental Baby Room

by Cat on December 1, 2010

by Designing Mom Tori of Tori Higa
I didn’t realize how sentimental my choices were in decorating our new baby girl’s room until I was almost done with it and stepped back for a minute.  It seems like almost everything in her room has a special meaning.  The framed crochet pieces are from my husband’s grandmother (Tutu) who passed away a few years ago.  She was such a special lady and it’s important to us for our kids to hear stories about her as they grow up.  She was a life long seamstress and crafter.  She made hundreds of quilts – even about a dozen to be saved for future great grand children.  At the end of her long and well lived life she was teaching me how to crochet at my request.  She was a master and unbelievably skilled.  I just couldn’t keep up with her speed so we decided to try again the next time.  Sadly, she didn’t live much longer and that was the last time I saw her – but much to my surprise she had whipped out several doilies to give me as samples.  And now three of them (only two are pictured) are hanging in her great grand daughter’s room.  I paired the doilies with Anna Maria Horner fabric and used shadow box frames from Hobby Lobby.

To represent my side of the family, I framed a picture with all of the generations of women on my mom’s side.  By the way, isn’t my mom beautiful?  And she just had a baby, too!  The small box to the right was mine as a little girl.  I have memories of storing very important things inside.

The furniture is all very sentimental to me because it was my old furniture.  I used to use the tall skinny armoire to hold my CD’s in high school (how 90’s of me) and now it makes the perfect place to display her little shoes.  Her shoe display is one of my favorite things in her room because baby shoes are SO CUTE but can’t be worn for very long.  This way, I feel like I can enjoy them a little bit longer.

I love when people give handmade baby gifts – and I love being able to decorate with them.  The tissue flowers and “Sweet Baby Girl” sign were both baby shower props handmade by friends but they were too cute not to incorporate into her room.

I took all of these pictures right before she was born and for some reason didn’t get any shots of the other half of the room.  Perhaps that is because her crib is on the other side with a big blank wall.  I have been keeping an eye out for the perfect piece to hang over her crib and have found some great options by very talented artists.  But the problem is that now I want to keep the sentimental theme going and I really want to paint my own piece of art on canvas for her.  I am a little rusty with a paint brush, but I think she is the perfect inspiration to get me back to painting again.  So hopefully there will be a “part two” for this post in the near future with the other side of her room complete.

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