Design + Decor: Big Boy’s Room

by Cat on November 3, 2010

All I can say is what a lucky boy to have Designing Mom Erika behind the renovating project of “little” to “big” boy’s room.  To track the progress click here for Erika’s blog.   I can’t wait to see the finished results!  Cat ::::::::::::::::::::::::::

by Designing Mom Erika of Delphine Press :   Our first grader has been asking for a “Big Boy Room” for more than a year now. He loves Legos, his kitty, experiments, trains, matchbox cars, computer games, and being mischievous. Two weekends ago we started the project by painting his ceiling white and the walls a medium cool grey with blue undertones.

Before: the entire room was a medium blue shade, which came with the house, and was fine for his baby-blue and white striped furniture and pale green crib.A few things we’re keeping: his white twin bed with star headboard, Ryan’s surfboard, his armoire and dresser (though they will be repainted), the cute side table, and the star lantern. We’re losing the gross shaggy carpet, the bleached out rug, the “baby” artwork, and the curtains.

We pulled the color palette for A’s Big Boy Room from a few of his favorite things: his “cool” jacket (from H&M), chalkboards, and the surfboard in his room.
Here’s a little progress report on A’s bedroom renovation. We’ve finished all the room painting, including the magnetic paint stripe, and re-hung the surfboard. Next up: pulling up the gross carpet, painting the furniture, refinishing a bookcase, and installing new wood laminate floors. I’m tired just thinking about it!
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