Ferme à Papier

by Cat on May 1, 2013

I’m really excited to be announcing the launch of my new stationery collection, Ferme à Papier to all of you today! Maybe some things are worth waiting for as it was my first trip to Paris and Europe last October and I became enchanted with the small fetes and gatherings that I experienced. There was chic Paris but I also went to biodynamic farms in the countryside and ate the greenest haricot verts at “supernatural” eateries and so much of this resonated with me. This new collection is more painterly and goes back to my roots of painting and drawing more than ever before. I invite you to come and take a look at the new Ferme à Papier online site and share with anyone who might enjoy!

I am also working on building up our Ferme Blog, pinterest, FB, instagram, twitter and other fun additions that show some of these “european vacation” photos and other daily antics from the studio now that we are channeling navy and haricot verts that I’ll share with you in the coming weeks. Thank you to all for your support and love! Sleepless but ever grateful…Cat.


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