Flu Roundup

by Cat on January 21, 2013

I jinx myself every time. Everyone’s talking about the flu pandemic and I muse to myself, “fancy that, I’ve been feeling pretty great.” Next day: chills, fever, can’t get out of bed and my skin is on fire. Here’s my flu roundup wishlist. I can’t afford a  couture Celine sheepskin cape to whip around the shoulders during flu season but I also happen to be delirious and feverish right now…

cashmere hot water bottle

Celine Sheepskin Wrap

Have you read Refinery 29’s Cold and Flu prevention and remedy guide yet?

All I want for dinner is Berthillon ice cream

Cheeky eye mask

The comfort of ginger ale

Nothing beats homemade broccoli soup served in a cup. Here’s the recipe.



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