Karen Morgan of Blackbird Bakery

by Cat on March 12, 2012

We’re in for a real treat today, no pun intended. Karen Morgan, owner of Blackbird Bakery and official gluten-free spokesperson for Whole Foods is here for a QA on her business, book and how she got started… I’ll also post up some of her favorite gluten-free recipes for kids this week!


What inspired the wonderful concept for the Blackbird Community Cookbook?

 The inspiration for the Community Cookbook came to me when I realized that there are millions of others living the gluten free lifestyle that are missing their favorite childhood recipes as much as I do.  The recipes from my childhood helped shape my culinary life and to no longer be able to pass them on to my son broke my heart.  The thought of other families suffering the same culinary fate moved me to do something about it.


I love that you are asking anyone and everyone to submit their family recipe for a gluten-free version. Do you have one from your family that you are particularly proud of “re-vamping”?

Oh man, I’ve re-vamped more than 50 recipes from my childhood for this book already!  My stand out favorites, though are my mother’s honey oat bread, my grandmother’s three homemade pasta recipes, and her pizzelles, which double perfectly for homemade ice cream cones.  They were a huge hit at my son’s birthday party.

 What are some of your all-time favorite gluten-free recipes for moms-on the-go trying to prep some last minute dinners for their family?

My gluten free chicken pot pies, gluten free meat loaf, my gluten free gnocchi- which are made from left over mashed potatoes-and my gluten free soda bread for all those school lunches.

 How did you start your bakery…was this something you always knew you wanted to do?

I started my bakery after a very long organic process.  I spent nearly seven years teaching myself how to bake gluten free and after I baked at a chateau in France for four months, I knew I had found my life’s calling. The moment I got home, I launched Blackbird. Before my diagnosis, I wanted to be a writer, but never in a million years did I think I would write cookbooks!



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