Make: Chalkboard Eggs

by Cat on April 23, 2012

I’m still kicking around old plastic eggs from Zilla’s Easter hunts and wanted to share this great “make” by Anna at the studio…

by Anna via Cat Seto studio:

Easter may be over, but now is a great opportunity to reuse those plastic Easter eggs. Before you throw them away try this new idea!

With a little bit of chalk paint and some plastic eggs, you can create a decorative and interactive piece for your home and children. You only need some plastic Easter eggs, chalkboard spray paint or paint, chalk (I love to use colored chalk) and something like newspaper to lay out as to prevent any messes.

First open the eggs and lay them out on the newspaper with the open side facing down. In the picture I used black chalk spray paint, but you can buy this paint in many different colors. Spray the eggs and let them air dry for about 30 minutes or longer depending on the temperature. You will know they are dry when the paint has a matte finish. You will need to spray a couple more times to create a thick layer.

Once completed your child can have a blast drawing on the eggs. For a fun storage idea place the chalk inside the egg and close it up. Why not try this modern idea as party favors at your child’s next birthday? The kids are sure to have a blast drawing on these adorable and unique eggs.

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