Make: Fabric Headbands

by Cat on February 21, 2012

by Designing Mom Shinmin
Mila was sick the other day.  She had a fever and a queasy stomach so
I kept her home from school. I could see she was bored out of her mind.I initially planned to bake sugar cookies in the shape of hearts and let her decorate them with colourful icing. But since she was sick I didn’t think the cookies would make thoughtful gifts after all.

So I took out some fabric scraps like let her manage her own “fabric store”. She started piling the fabrics into fun colour combos. So I thought I should make something with the fabrics she’d chosen.


I made reversible fabric headbands for the girls in our building. There are 3 girls under the age of 3 in our building.While I made the headbands, Mila made cards for them. So I guess her sick day wasn’t so bad after all.

I absolutely love fabric headbands on little girls. Mila wore them when she was just a baby because her hair took so long to grow out. Now that she’s got some hair, they look even better!

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