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by Cat on February 26, 2013

Activity calendars and organizers make my nose wrinkle because I have traumatic childhood memories of trapper keepers and really bad magnet wall calendars. When Designing Mom Shinmin texted me this photo of the weekly fridge calender she whipped up for her three old daughter I felt cleansed. It not only looks wonderful, but it’s an easy DIY and something the fam and the fridge can be proud to display…

from Designing Mom Shinmin:

Ever since the arrival of her new baby sister, Mila has become nervous about her days.  Each morning, she asks with urgency, “Where am I going today?”  I realize that she’s upset because, in her view, she is getting dumped somewhere everyday while the baby stays with me and gets all my attention.  No matter how many times I tell her, she doesn’t remember her weekly routine and she gets increasingly more anxious.  So I decided to make her a calendar of her weekly activities so that she can have a visual display of her days.

I made refrigerator magnets by using this tutorial.  Then I drew icons of her activities (i.e. school, ballet class, swim class, gymnastics, even our weekly trip to the ferry building).  I “laminated” the icons by sticking clear packing tape to the front and back.  When an activities changes I swap out the icons.

Since I started doing this, she is more at ease.  Now she feels important.  She is not getting dumped somewhere.  Instead these activities are planned exclusively for her.
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