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by Cat on June 14, 2011

Without fail, Designing Mom Jackie always wows me with her projects. This time it’s her preschool year book.  Let’s just say she’s set the creative bar high for this lucky little graduating class!

by Designing Mom Jackie of Avocado and Papaya

As the school year comes to a close, many of us parents scramble to figure out the perfect way to send a little love to the teachers who take care of our kiddos day in and day out. I’ve often found myself in that predicament, trying to dream up something perfect and settling for a gift card in the end because I run out of steam, time, or brilliant ideas. Not that there is anything wrong with a gift card (many teachers actually prefer them), but when time permits, I like to go the handmade route to show our teachers just how much they mean to me and my little lads.

This year, a great opportunity to do just that fell right in my lap. One of the parents in Simon’s (my almost 3 year-old) preschool class asked for help putting together a “year book” with photos of all the kids for all the parents and teachers. I quickly volunteered to help with this project, excited for the opportunity to document his adorable school and even more adorable classmates in all their glory. Here’s a peek of the cover:

We asked each parent to submit a photograph of their kid and a quote describing their favorite thing about school. The quotes and photos are equally adorable – such cuties. I gave each child their own page so that their individuality would really shine. Some of the quotes were hilarious, it’s a very clever bunch. I also asked each of Simon’s teachers for a picture of themselves when they were younger. I scanned their black and white photographs and inserted them in the book with a quote about their favorite thing about the school year. The kids are going to flip when they see their teachers as little girls! Here’s what Simon’s page looks like:

To mix up the format a bit, I interspersed these pages with images from around the school and classroom. Then I paired them together and organized them by the seven days of the week, which was my favorite part of this project. The school has so many vintage treasures,

it was hard to pick.

I printed the books through My Publisher and am really pleased with the color and quality (and they send you coupons galore when you register, which helps too ). They arrived yesterday and I wrapped each one with some string and a name tag for each child and one each for the teachers. I will hand them out at our class picnic later this week, I’m excited to share the book with everyone!

Now that the book is printed, wrapped and ready to go, I have to face the reality that school is almost over and my little one is not so little any more. Boo hoo…

Happy Summer!

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Katie June 14, 2011 at 8:31 am

I wish my son was in your son’s preschool class! I would love to have one of these books as a keepsake for his preschool year…what a terrific idea and so beautifully done. The photographs are lovely and perfectly capture the days at preschool. Parents are going to be floored by such a thoughtful gift…and the kids will enjoy looking through this book for years to come. So awesome!


G. June 17, 2011 at 8:56 pm

Oh Jackie precioso!! You truly have outdone yourself here! What a great idea, now if only my son’s school wasn’t so against pictures taken at school… I was wondering how good of a quality was My Publisher photo books, I may just have to give them a try now!


Rachelle | TinkerLab July 4, 2011 at 11:50 pm

this is gorgeous! i’m bookmarking this for the end of this school year. not that i need to take on another project, but this one looks like it’s soooo worth it! thanks for the inspiration!


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