Make: Summer Curtains and Pillows

by Cat on August 2, 2011

by Designing Mom Ryan of Tin Parade

This past weekend was a lazy summer day of lemonade, half naked kids running through sprinklers and mom sewing.  That’s me.  I’m the mom. All of a sudden its circa 1983 around my house.  And I couldn’t be happier.  In this world of crazy kids schedules, the rat race, and Los Angeles traffic, it is more than soothing to have a little Norman Rockwell time in our own backyard.

I love to sew. It’s such a throwback.  Not many people I know do it. I think its creative and comforting. I love to make something with my own bare hands. Problem is…I’m terrible at it. Yep. I’ll admit. I am bad at it. Somehow the uneven lines and mis-steps do not distract from my joy of doing it. If you came to my house I may point out my painstakingly sewn shower curtain only to follow with “don’t look too closely at it.”

What am I saying? Get out there and sew? No. But get out there and do.  I think there’s nothing sweeter than an off pitch cracking voice that is belted out sheer love of life style.  Gotta love my mother in law as she passionately and terribly sings you Happy Birthday with  no holds barred…that is precious.   Shouldn’t we all try a little sewing outside the lines?

On the curtains: I bought inexpensive white curtains from Ikea and then sewed a long blue stipe down the sides.

On the textiles: This outdoor fabric was pricey so I did white on the backs of the pillows.  My mom had this unused vintage Hawaiian fabric from the 60’s that I died for. I finally figured out what I wanted to do with it. It was narrow so I added the blue all around with white stitching. Not an easy project, not perfect, not even close, but so happy I did it.

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