Make: Valentines Day Cards

by Cat on February 13, 2012

Want some ideas for pretty+pretty easy Valentine’s Day cards? Annie at the studio whipped this set of watercolor stationery with some of the scraps we had in the production area. You can easily make this into a craft project with your little ones… And stay tuned for a little V Day love story tomorrow!

From Annie:

I started splashing around with color from a kid’s set of watercolor paints and this was the result! This is a fun and easy way to make watercolor valentines. I cut up a sheet of a large piece of watercolor paper into cards, you can do 4×6 inches or 5×7, whatever works!

The band is simply made from cutting a strip of paper and adhering the end with some glue or velcro.

For a fun and quirky touch, I bought a box of candy hearts from the drugstore and then brushing them with elmer’s glue i sprinkled glitter onto the candy. adhere the candy with some glue to the card and you have some pretty valentines, hooray!

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