Shop: Back to School Rags

by Cat on August 27, 2012

How many of you spent the better part of your weekend speeding down your last minute back to school list? Or feared the implosion of your local Target from the mini-riot of families waiting for Viva paper towels to be restocked on aisle 17? That was pretty much me in preparation for  Zilla’s first week of preschool. Perhaps the only respite was daydreaming while waiting in line of all the fun back to school outfits. Here are a few from my bookmarks…

above: Tea Striped Tee ,Tea City Tee, Appaman Evergreen Pants, Splendid Pea Coat, Ruler Wiener Dog

above: Mini Boden Cardigan, Horse Skirt, Striped Socks, Typewriter Print

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