Shop: Family Dolls by Timo Handmade

by Cat on March 13, 2012

Not only are these dolls by Timo Handmade  hand crafted with an awesome illo-free-for-all style, but you have the option to “build your own family.” As in pick a grandmother, a mom, the kids…
Spring family -  Grandmother, father, son and Auntie with a hat , Wear shades of green and brown-handmade fabric dolls
African Man -  guy with glasses And beard wearing  Yellow mustard jacket Blue corduroy pants and dotted tie  - handmade
Family - Ginger mother , Wearing hat Father and a little Red Head daughter Dressed in Black , White Orange Brown-  fabric handmade   dolls
Family -  grandparents, parents ,uncle  and and children dressed in Orange and beige  , stripes   and polka dots -handmade fabric dolls
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