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by Cat on November 9, 2011

Do you ever catch yourself saying, “where was that when my baby was born?” When I transitioned to a smaller diaper bag I was looking for great patterns and good price points and there were few that met the latter. Gin and Jacqie is a new online shop for bags and they have some great baby bags that won’t break the bank. To shop click here. Designer and co-owner Jacqueline is here today as well to talk about her collection…

You quit your 9-5 job to start Gin and Jacqie…what was that like? Any challenges that you had to overcome?

It was a tough choice to make but I thought that if I failed in doing my own business, I was still young enough to be employed again.

Where do you get the inspiration for your bags?

I do get my inspiration and ideas from my travels in addition to my daily life. My friends are also a great inspiration because they never stop giving me ideas!

What favorite products from your line would you recommend for moms on the go?

I would say the bag organizers and the baby bags. Bag organizers will make things easier to find for the busy mom and she can carry as many diapers as she wants without leaving out baby’s essentials. Of course our baby bag is always fun and lightweight for the moms to carry around and can double up as a normal casual bag.

What’s a typical day in your life like?

I go into the office in the morning. First thing is to check e-mails and to check on online stores. Followed by meetings (if there are any) and checking on the production end via phont calls with the factories. It’s important to make sure everything is moving accordingly.  A must is for me to also surf on the net, read articles and doodle new ideas and designs.

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Ryan Larson November 9, 2011 at 2:22 pm

These bags look great. Love all the pockets on the sides. That’s the easiest place to quickly pull things in and out.


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