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by Cat on July 20, 2011

In continuation with Kanako’s visit, here are more products that owner Jeannie of Lotus Bleu showed her…

Bib from Shoolyard: They carry kitchen towels, too!!!

Egg bank and lamp from J Schatz: You can choose the color for the base of the lamp.

Cushions from Erin Flett: Cute animal silk screen printed cushion. They carry different designs and colors.

Bed sheets set from Isak: Symmetrically patterned designs with bright colors, fun for kids & interesting for adults.

After seeing all new products at Lotus Bleu, the owner, Jeannie Fraise gave me a tip for designing kid’s rooms. She said try to avoid making the room too infantile, which means avoiding the use of neutral colors such as egg, or baby blue. Try to make a room that kids can grow with.

Thank you to Jeannie and the staff for showing me their wonderful products.

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