The Daily: Meet Artist Sara Christian

by Cat on January 17, 2011

Everyone have a good weekend? Sunday was crazy…more so having to balance ‘Zilla (fat lip from a tumble down the steps and lots of car sickness) and a wedding event and get out in one piece.  But Monday is off and running…partly because I’m really excited to share with you an amazing young artist.  Let’s just say, thank goodness for art obsessed hair stylists…  Sara’s “Hair War Series” was up where I was  getting my haircut and it’s all I could think about during and after the cut.  She kindly obliged to having some of her works displayed at our studio.  That’s where a customer/friend Sonia came in and went bananas over her work as well (see below a studio day when Sara came to show her “Diamond” piece to us).  I think this is what I so appreciate about the city and of off-chance meetings.  It’s always a reminder to take time to appreciate other’s work and lift your head up out of the details of your own studio life.  Hopefully Sonia will spread Sara’s talent all over London…Europe needs a dose of big hair and watercolors!  If you’re in the bay area, Sara’s latest series, “Shy Peacocks” will be exhibiting at Kokoro Studio in San Francisco starting this Thursday, January 20. And to see more of Sara’s gorgeous work, click here.

above: Sonia’s husband was the lucky recipient of this for his birthday

(above): Some pics of Sara’s “Hair War Series” Think large ombre watercolors and exquisitely illustrated portraits of women, fashion, hair…  Her sense of color is otherworldly…

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