Designing Moms: Halloween Costumes

by Cat on November 4, 2010

I just had to share some post-Halloween pics from some of the Designing Moms.  Enjoy!

#1. Designing Mom Erin of Piece: Here is Caleb as a lion.  Rar!  Originally he had said he wanted to be a firefighter.  Super easy, I could borrow a costume from a friend, done.  Then we are talking while he is in the bath one night (where all the most important chats take place) and one thing leads to another and I have to explain to him that just because he is dressing up as a fireman doesn’t mean he gets to ride on the truck.  Disappointment.  Then, a couple days later we are walking around and we pass a church dedicated to St. Leo.  There are classical lions that flock the side entrance.  He informs us he wants to be a lion and this time it stuck.  I had a much simpler costume in mind but when we visited the fabric store as a family, everyone added their input and we ended up leaving with three types of fabric, a Kwik Sew pattern, some elastic and a zipper.  This was only the second zipper I’ve ever put into anything and I had to make it work with that awful fake fur.  Some words were said.  But I loved the outcome and Caleb loved it so much that he wore it to the grocery store on Halloween.  Here he is growling at people in the produce isle.  (The frog boots are what happens when you let a three year old style their own look.  I’m sure you understand.)

#2.  Designing Mom Rachelle of Wiley Valentine:  This is Piper’s first Halloween!

#3.  Designing Mom Tori of Tori HigaIt has been so much fun to play dress up with my new little baby girl. I actually purchased the zebra print fabric with the intent to make her a zebra costume but my sewing skills are not as good as my big ideas…so I decided on a baby toga instead. It turns out that going as a cave baby was the perfect solution – especially so she could show off her stylish shoes from a favorite Auntie. My son wanted to be Iron Man for Halloween but I was still able to get my craft fix by making him his own treat bag.

#4.  Designing Mom Reader Amy Helin: Jack-in-the-box (for my son, Jack, 13 months)I had so much fun making it. And I made sure to only make/use things that could be used again for another purpose.Jester hat: This will be Jack’s warm, fleecy, stay-on hat all winter!  “Suspenders”: Will now be used as mitten clips.  Box: Adding bottom so he can use it to play with and store toys in (it’s made of squishy foam so he could easily fall when walking in it).  Collar: Using it to trim the top of a lampshade in his bedroom.

#5. Designing Mom Aya of Chronicle Books: Isn’t Maika adorable as Princess Leia?  She was a natural model.  And there were a few times when Maika wanted to touch Hayden and he just stayed there quietly so that she could touch him.  It was so cute!

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