Designing Moms: Weekly Blog Roundup

by Cat on March 31, 2011

It’s time to roundup some of the fun things going on with some of the Designing Moms’ blogs…

1. Designing Mom Liberty’s son, Zane, had a genius idea of hosting a hoopathon to raise money for Japan relief.  Please give him a shout out and support by clicking here!
2. I saw this on my FB from Designing Mom Jenn and couldn’t resist.  Her hubby, Brad, has a great blog dedicated to family and wrote a jubilant Birthday Letter to their daughter Grace on her third birthday. Won’t she be so lucky to be able to look back on these letters (even the ones about her terrible two tantrums)?
3. Designing Mom Carina is going to have to tell me if this is a Swedish thing or just a fun made up thing…check out her cool mashed potato hot dogs on her blog!
4. Designing Mom Mari shows off some fun monkey pants at Small For Big.

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