This week’s blog pick comes from Designing Mom Abby’s Style Me Pretty.  Case closed on my love affair with cupcakes but I love the little toppers on these and think they’d translate wonderfully for a little one’s birthday party!  To see the full post click here.


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Decorate: An Inspired Room

by Cat on January 12, 2010

by Designing Mom Abby

The inspiration board. It’s basically the reason that Style Me Pretty got so popular in the first place. The inspiration board has served me well over the years so of course, when I was designing my own nursery, it was the first thing that I did. Designing these boards made me cry (hormones), made me squeal (hormones), made me so excited to design a space that my baby and I could fall in love with (mommyhood). So, I thought it might be fun today to revisit the inspiration boards that I built for my nursery before I knew that little Audrey was indeed a little girl.

First up, a simple and sophisticated modern baby boy’s room…

Most of the stuff has that Jonathan Adler feel (I actually added the lamp today for a bit of oomph). Pure style with a touch of whimsy. I love that you get a modern vibe without being overly contemporary. It still feels really timeless to me and the saturation of colors is just so stinking pretty. Next up, a more preppy, sweet approach to a little boy’s room…

Looking back at this board…it’s kind of girly. Maybe I knew I was having a girl. Or maybe I just loved the idea of a baby being in a room that was pure “baby.” So sweet. So serene. So lovely.

If I had a girl, I knew that I wanted the room to be kind of bohemian chic. I’m kind of quirky, with crazy curly hair (if you’ve seen a picture of me, I spent an hour straightening it) and a personality that my parents call “spirited.” So I wanted a room that reflected the way that I saw my little girl. A little bit messy, a little bit spunky. A lot girl.

And in the end. I did have a little girl. That crazy, messy, spunky little girl that I wanted. And her room…well, it looks nothing like these inspiration boards. Here is a little peek at the room. I’ll do a full feature on it another day!


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Story: Christmas Review

by Cat on January 5, 2010

by Designing Mom Abby

When I was little, I remember coming downstairs into our living room and seeing, well…magic. It was like everything in my dream had come to life, all sparkly and new, and I usually had to blink before I could believe that Christmas had treated me so well. It was a little winter wonderland for one perfect morning and I cling to those memories as if they were gold. Now, years later, with my own little nugget to spoil, I had sparkly and new dreams about Christmas morning and everything that it would be.

Needless to say, life got a little bit in the way and it didn’t turn out quite as glittery as I had hoped.

We ran out of time, with the business and the baby, and scrambled to get our 8 presents together for our little girl to open on Christmas morning. I even admit to stuffing her stocking with, brace yourself…kleenex. Three packages of kleenex. Yep, it wasn’t good. I was pretty much in tears when I was wrapping up the gifts, with our really cheap wrapping paper that might have been the only paper left in all of Target, wondering how in the world my mom and dad held down full time jobs, three kids and cranked out a pretty perfect Christmas year after year.

Well, as it turns out. It’s all about perspective. When my daughter toddled into the living room and saw her presents and her stocking with the cute little stuffed dog peaking out from the top, her eyes got wide, her face broke into a HUGE smile and she said what ever parent loves to hear…WOW. Oh and she loved the kleenex. Spent a good hour pulling out each and every one while we enjoyed out coffee.

So, lesson learned. Christmas is magical whether you have 1 gift or 20. Whether you use the expensive wrapping paper or the cheap (which actually tears quite nicely, I might add). For a kid, Christmas will always be as good as it gets. And the gift of champions for Audrey’s first legit Larson Family Christmas…a little $22 plastic shopping cart that we found at Target.

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Meet Designing Mom: Abby of Style Me Pretty

by Cat on November 30, 2009

Our newest Designing Mom is one who is dear to my heart as a designer, entrepreneur and beloved friend. She is Abby Larson, the uber talented visionary behind the cult status wedding blog Style Me Pretty. I’m sure you’ve heard of her blog (and if you haven’t you absolutely must check it out!). I don’t have to be biased here, just ask any bride…it is simply the best one out there. It is filled with stunning one of a kind inspiration boards, real weddings and my latest favorite, a series called “From Inspiration to Reality.” I personally don’t know how Abby does it…she manages to scour the ends of the wedding world for the best content, manage a thriving business, respond so honestly and positively to her readers and be a mom to her beautiful little girl, Audrey. She is an inspiration to all. Overjoyed isn’t even the word to describe how I feel about Abby joining us on Designing Moms. Please help me give her a big welcome!

A little bit about me:
I am so excited to be joining such an amazing crop of women…creative, energetic (albeit a little tired), smart women who are balancing their two loves. Family and Business. My name is Abby Larson and I am the editor of Style Me Pretty, a wedding blog for the style savvy bride. I have a 15 month old daughter who has more spunk than I ever thought possible in a child and more personality than I could ever imagine. And she is all girl, which you know I love. Poor thing has no idea what’s coming when we start planning HER wedding.

Originally from Houston, Texas, I come from a family of entrepreneurs. My dad has built and sold so many businesses, it’s hard to keep track. A frozen yogurt company, a costume jewelery line, an ear laser company. My dad single-handedly taught me just how fun, just how challenging and just how incredibly rewarding being an entrepreneur is, so at the ripe old age of 24, I dove in head first. I started in the wedding industry while living in San Francisco by launching a line of wedding invitations called Abby Jean. I refer to that time in my life as my hard knocks school of business because it was during those three years that I learned everything you can imagine about running a small company. From working with very little cash flow, to marketing yourself, dealing with clients, sales, operations, outsourcing, the works. I sold my business in February of 2007 and although I miss it every now and then, I am very glad to be running a blog instead.

Typical day-in-my-life:
My work day now is from 8AM to 5PM. From 5PM to 7PM, it’s all about Audrey. After she falls asleep, I usually pick back up working until about 10PM or so. We have a nanny come in 4 days a week and although I do mostly work from home, we also have a small office down the street. My husband, Tait, quit his Silicon Valley job a year and a half ago to work full time on Style Me Pretty. We have about 10 employees, 4 of which are family members. It’s a complete and total zoo of a life but I honestly wouldn’t have it any other way. Like many of you who are running their own businesses…we grocery shop without lines, we visit the museum without the Saturday crowds. We can stop at any moment and give Audrey a hug or a kiss and we get to hear her squeals of glee from the next room over. As Kate (yes, of Jon and Kate plus 8…lame, I know) would say, “It’s a crazy life, but it’s our life.” And we love every bit of it.

What inspires me:
…people who are living their dreams and succeeding. Babies who wake up bright eyed and bushy tailed in the morning. Perfect details, amazing typefaces, succulents. The crisp Fall air, the sound that my computer makes when I hit “publish,” the artists and designers who are finding motivation and drive in this sad, sad economy. There is so much that really inspires me but mostly, it’s the life that I am living. The fact that I can run a business like Style Me Pretty, with my husband and my daughter one room over. That I get to travel all over and meet such interesting people. That I get to work in my PJ’s and watch The View while I write. It’s a very, very good gig and I am very blessed little girl to call it my own.

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