The Daily: A Visit at Chronicle Books

by Cat on December 6, 2010

I was at the offices of Chronicle Books and snapped up some photos of friend and fellow Designing Mom Aya who is designer extraordinaire of all things lovely and publishable.  Ever wonder what’s on the desk of an editorial designer? Beautiful books, books to reference to create beautiful books…sweet treats, pantone swatches and a mini plastic Godzilla keychain of her son (at least on this Mama’s desk!).  And also below: in the transition from Designing Moms to Mom Inc Daily I lost whole folders of drafts so I’m a little behind on this great feature of Aya in Uppercase Mag.
Thanks for letting me shoot your desk Aya!


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Best of our Blogs: Monster Surfboard

by Cat on September 7, 2010

This ultra creative post is a favorite of Designing Mom Aya.  She along with other designers were asked to customize skate decks that were auctioned off for an AIGA fundraiser.  I am not surprised at all to see how “Where the Wild Things Are” and her boy Hayden ended up inspiring the design (after all, take a look at the cute Halloween costume she was crafting).
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 I “heart” brown. – Aya Akazawa (me!)
“I was very charmed by the simple and natural feel of the plain deck, and immediately drawn to the idea of creating something that will retain these qualities. Then I thought of production methods that might work with this material. I couldn’t start working on this until Halloween was over, because Halloween IS a serious business here at Chronicle (but that is a story for another day.) So I had about two days to produce and wanted to do it by my hands, which narrowed down my options quite a bit. I am a big fan of Rex Ray and I thought that was my primary inspiration for this particular piece, but as my friend pointed out, the Carol costume that I was making for my little Hayden must have been subliminally driving my path of thinking to a crafty direction.”

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Make: Origami Crafts

by Cat on July 27, 2010

by Designing Mom Aya of Chronicle Books

I occasionally contribute to Chronicle Books’ blog. This one was my very first. I am not a big crafter but enjoy making a little something here and there. These are some of my instant craft projects, using origami papers that I designed.

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Father’s Day Fotos: A Little Snooze

by Cat on June 20, 2010

above: When baby sleeps, the parent sleeps. By Designing Mom Aya


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Decorate: Nursery Wall Decals

by Cat on June 14, 2010

by Designing Mom Aya at Chronicle Books

One of our nursery walls has been so painfully white and empty that I have been wanting to paint something or buy cute wall decals to fill it up. Turns out the wall decals are quite expensive! So I decided to give it a try to make one on my own. My sketches are definitely more ambitious than what I could actually produce, but Hayden still loves his new environment. I used brown drawing paper and origami papers to “draw” the illustration. I designed a product called Origami Craftpad so I have nearly unlimited supply of origami papers at home, which come in very handy when I am in a mood for easy crafting. The cutout papers are taped up with masking tape and craft tapes. I wasn’t sure how it’d turn out so I went with removable adhesive.

Do you think I should keep the rain drops? I like rain drops, but maybe the nursery should always be sunny…

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