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Featured Designing Mom: Kirsten Grove

by Cat on June 24, 2013

I love today’s featured Designing Mom, Kirsten Grove of Simply Grove… On top of having a gorgeous site/blog and sense of aesthetic she is as sweet and warm as one could imagine. Read on to find out about her life as a designer, blogger (check out the great DIY headboard she posted) and mother…

Did you always want to be an interior designer?

Yes, when I was nine years old I designed my own room, using a colorful rainbow palette. I’ve always been drawn to interior and styling. It’s a natural knack that I inherited from my dad.


How do you keep your home stylish yet kid-friendly?

Because of my passion for modern design, I usually don’t give up style for practicality. I just go with it and learn, sometimes the hard way. My kids are amazing and already appreciate fun design. They’re perfect for me!

What are some easy, affordable ways to freshen up a living space? 

Throw pillows are always an easy way to modernize and freshen up a space. Rugs and plants are also quick alternatives to liven up any room.

How do you maintain a successful business with motherhood?  

Being a mommy is my number one priority. With that it is super important for me to let them see me do what I love. Working from home means I have to be super creative with my kids, when they are not in school, which makes things exciting and sometimes frustrating. They are both older and understand that when mommy needs to finish a project, it’s time to get out the coloring books.

What’s your advice to your fellow designing moms?

Try and always think outside of the box. Think of new ways to create family friendly design WITHOUT losing style. Let your kids test drive new ideas!


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Smart Creative Women: Cat Seto

by Cat on May 15, 2013

I feel so fortunate to have met Monica Lee of Smart Creative Women. She is every bit the entrepreneur, positive force and inspiration to creative women that one could think of. Designing Mom Tori Higa first told me of her inspirational site and program where she hosts women from a bevy of creative backgrounds. I absolutely love that she describes it as a place to “discuss the business of creativity.”  I was able to sit down for an online convo with her about my start in my business, new Ferme à Papier line and the Mom,Inc. book. You can view the entire post and interview here. Thank you again Monica for having me on your program!


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Featured Designing Mom: Agni Tilla

by Cat on May 13, 2013

I am a fan of Kate Spade Saturday so when I saw that they were teaming up with May 28th to offer these bright, jubilant watches I got a bit excited. To celebrate this collaboration, we’re giving away this pop abstract May 28th watch from Kate Spade! To enter send me an email at momincdaily@gmail.com and tell me what features, posts, stories you enjoy or would like to see more of here at Mom Inc Daily.

And up today on our featured designing mom we have none other than the uber talented designer behind May 28th, Agni Tilla. She is such a creative force…read on to find out what inspires her!



As a designer, where do you look for sources of inspiration?

My source of inspiration changes all the time. In the past, I would look for inspiration while traveling, in nature and surrounding architecture, but today its conversations with people that give me a lot of inspiration to create new designs. People’s stories form certain images in my mind, which later becomes May28th watch designs.




We live in such a digitized age, why do you think it’s still important to wear a watch?

I think of a May28th watch is more of an accessory than a time teller. When I started creating May28th watches, I didn’t only think about functionality; the main idea was to create watches that you can mix and match with your outfits and mood of the day.

How do you balance being a mother and a successful designer?

First of all, this is all possible with amazing support from my husband Janis, and business partner and Toms’ godmother, Gillian. Also, I’m always trying to trust my instincts on how to raise a kid and run a business together. When something doesn’t feel right, I try figure out why and how to change that before making any decisions. As soon as I forget to ask myself, “Is this the right thing to do?”, I can already feel this imbalance in my life.


InstaWatch is so cool! What gave you the idea for it?

Thanks! We had been thinking about creating a watch?customization?platform for a while, but we also wanted to make sure that the custom watches people make for themselves or as gifts would always look great. Then we realized that photos taken with Instagram always look so amazing and people can get very creative with the app. That gave as an idea to pair Instagram and May28th watches together. Our everyday work is now so much more exciting because of InstaWATCH. It’s always fun to see our customers’ creations.


How do you encourage creativity with your son?

Toms has always been more interested in exploring things by himself, and we try to provide as many opportunities within our abilities for him to do so. As we are travelling quite often, Toms gets plenty of opportunity to have new experiences and observations. Our son loves to dance and I enjoy being his DJ. We take note of what rhythms he likes the most and what new dance moves he develops. I can’t wait for him to start speaking! I can already visualize our long conversations about life as he sees it.

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Guess who paid our studio a visit recently? The ladies of Gooseberry Press came over to show us their latest products (I have loved their city totes for quite some time) and we were thrilled at all of the amazing new designs and products. Founder Nina allowed Megan at the studio to take some photos and ask her about what it’s like to be a mom and also a creative business owner…


What inspired you to create beautiful hand-lettered designs?
I have always been interested in art and design.  Even as a child I enjoyed drawing and creating my own books and cards.  Even though my education took me in a different direction career-wise, I’m happy to be following my passion now that I have my own business!
How does your dedication to an eco lifestyle effect your designs?
It is my philosophy personally as well, so it is just a natural extension to do the same with my business.  Finding the right printer and locating the right materials took some time, but now I have a great network of contacts that I can rely upon for quality and like minded eco-friendly practices.
How do you balance running a business and being a mother?
Well, that has been the most challenging part of running a small business!  My studio is in my home and when my child was very young (before she was of school age) my schedule revolved around her activities.  Now that she is in first grade, I find that if I keep to a strict work schedule things work out more smoothly.  My calendar is my best friend 🙂
How do share your love of art with your daughter?
On any given day you can find us working on a new project.  Once per week we have a “Maya-Mommy fun night” where we send my husband out to do something with his buddies and we do arts/crafts, have a fun dinner and watch some tv.  It is great!  It is also wonderful to see how she is becoming more interested in trying new art techniques.  She loves crafty tools and has her own art kit.
You seem so calm and put together! What do you do when life becomes too hectic? 
Wow, thank you!  Actually things are hectic more often than not.  I write lots of lists and try to stay as organized as possible.  When things get overwhelming I like to go for a walk and clear my mind.  I think it is super important to not neglect yourself especially when you have to balance family life with work life.
What advice do you have for moms who want to start a business?
Go for it!  It is so rewarding to be able to follow through with your plans and dreams and spend quality time with your family.  Find what works for you and get out there.



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Retrofit Republic and Meg Ilasco

by Cat on March 21, 2013

I’m excited to show all of you the latest Retrofit Republic’s “Tastemakers” Lookbook.  These are the talented stylists who helped style our book trailer video. And who would appear in their ‘Tastemakers” edition but none another than my fab co-author Meg Ilasco of Mom,Inc. Congrats to all of these dynamite women–always an inspiration!



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