Make: Holiday Cards

by Cat on December 22, 2011

If you don’t consider yourself uber crafty or artistic then put the creativity in your photos.  As you can see Designing Mom Liberty and Designing Mom Kate have truly captured the joie de vivre in their families. Love!


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Go Dog Go! Party

by Cat on May 9, 2011

by Designing Mom Kate of The Proprietress

Oscar LOVES the book Go Dog Go –and upon reading would put any hat (or pot, or pan, or garbage can lid) on his head and say “Do you like my Hat”?  “No, I do not”,  I would reply.  This was a fun game that inspired his 3rd birthday party theme.

The invite was easy – I just scanned the book, found a Dr. Seuss inspired font and added my own copy.  I sent it out as an electronic invitation.

Decorations were inspired by the book over – the orange, white and green led to crepe paper “door” and big balloons.  This was the hit of the party – the kids ran back and forth through the crepe paper strands for hours!   We used orange bags and the same Dr. Suess font to make silly goodie bags for the kids.

We set up a “Do You Like My Hat?” craft station so the kids could decorate their own hats as well (though admittedly – they were much more into playing with toys and the crepe paper).

I baked my first cake (!) using orange and green dye and white icing for a two layer surprise! The kids loved it (I was impressed with my non-baking self as well!).

All in all, a very simple, easy to plan, easy to put together party that works for girls or boys who love Go Dogs Go!


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Father’ Day Fotos: Daddy Pete

by Cat on June 17, 2010

above: Designing Mom Kate’s leading man, Pete with their adorable Oscar. They are happy to announce the birth of their baby boy, Charlie on May 21…Congrats Kate!

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Fridays Fotos: Date Night

by Cat on April 2, 2010

Designing Mom Kate is having baby #2 and posted this sweet photo up on Crave to try and win a free date night before the little one arrives. Click here to give them a lending hand!

Have a happy Friday and weekend everyone!

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Make: New Year Cards

by Cat on February 4, 2010

by Designing Mom Kate of The Proprietress

We were a little too busy to get out a “holiday” card – so we decided to focus on the surprises and joy of 2010 instead. We just sent the simple postcards out yesterday (everything takes a little longer to accomplish with a toddler in the house). What I love about a post-holiday card? Double as a thank you note for holiday gifts!!

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