80% of the top economists declare the recession is over. But why am I not surprised to hear recovery might be slow? I’ve received many emails asking about whether now is the right time to start a business or not. So I’m inviting my fellow Designing Moms today to comment in a roundtable about how the economy has affected them both personally and professionally.

I’d love to ask the moms:
–Did the recession affect your business? Were there any positive results from the downfall?
–How did you handle the changes (downsizing, budget cuts, refocusing priorities)?
–Do you feel like your industry has changed as a result?
–What advice do you have for someone who wants to start a small business this year?


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Whenever I get asked about my stationery business I always conclude any advice with a caveat…that much of what I learned was during the process of creating it and that I am always, always learning! While my siblings all have bonified MBA’s, mine is more the “street” MBA. I’ve been fortunate to hear advice and be inspired by stories from my colleagues and friends alike–sharing our perspectives has always been such a source of relief and kinship.

I have collected emails from some of you asking the Designing Moms on advice on starting a creative business. There’s nothing like the support of a collective and I thought I’d have a little round table where the Designing Moms and all of you out there are free to comment (or ask questions) on the subject at hand!

The first Roundtable begins with some questions from Kathryn (mommy of Jasmine and Lesley) from Orlando, Florida:

“…for a while now I’ve been thinking about making my homemade cupcakes into a business. My husband says I need to do some serious research before I commit. Where do you draw the line between just taking the plunge and being prepared enough with research? How prepared were all of you before you made the commitment?”

“I am just curious…did you all start (get into) your businesses before or after you had children? I have two little girls and the thought of starting a business, even if it’s small, is rather overwhelming!”

Ok Designing Moms and readers…let’s hear what you have to say!

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