Star Wars Etsy Roundup

by Cat on December 11, 2012

by Designing Mom Tori

When my husband and I first got married 11 1/2 years ago, he had to explain to me the difference between Star Trek and Star Wars – which is now glaringly obvious to me.  I consider myself almost a Star Wars expert now – just by osmosis.  I knew that I married a Star Wars nerd but now realize that we are inadvertently raising a couple of mini Clone Troopers.  And that is fine by me because I appreciate the nostalgia of it all.  I love that my Mother-In-Law saved all of my husband’s old Star Wars action figures and that my five year old gets to play with them whenever we visit.

I also love that Old Navy makes cute Star Wars t-shirts for girls and that my toddler enjoys hers so much.


I guess I am not alone in my appreciation for Star Wars – Etsy is FULL of inspired artists.  Here is my Star Wars Etsy Round Up with my favorites (light saber dangle earrings didn’t make the cut, but I found out that people do make them…perhaps to wear to a convention?)

1.  Knit Baby Couture (photo by Siberia Photography)
2.  DB Artist (this was a birthday gift to my son this year and hangs in our kid’s bathroom)
3.  Legal Miss Sunshine (this shop has a bunch of vintage Star Wars blue prints – so cute for a bedroom!)
4.  Wee Little Stitches (I want to stitch one of these on our next road trip)
5.  Lenny Mud (we own one of these and it’s very high quality)
6.  Pegged (cute cake toppers and toys)


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Shop: Today’s Top Stationery Artists 2

by Cat on September 12, 2011

I’m excited for today’s QA with Designing Mom Tori about her newest book and compilation, Today’s Top Stationery Artists 2. It was an honor to be included in the first one and when I heard a second one was in the works I just knew Tori would handle the book with the same expert eye, care and love that she did with the first. If you love stationery, paper and the scrumptious world of color and patterns then be sure to read on about Tori’s experience putting the book together which contains 52 (yes 52!) new stationery designers.  A big heartfelt Congrats Tori!

What prompted the undertaking and inspiration of a part deux Today’s Top Stationery Artists?

I was actually pregnant at the time the publisher approached me about doing a follow up book.  Because of the pregnancy and the fact that we were also moving, I wasn’t exactly in the mood for such a big undertaking.  It wasn’t until I spoke with an art director friend and mentioned in passing that I might do another book that I felt truly inspired to do it.  Her enthusiasm was contagious and the more we chatted about it, the more genuinely excited I got about it and I just knew that I had to take the opportunity.

Any noticeable themes, colors or styles that you noticed in paper designers this year?

Woodland creatures are still in style and seem to be here to stay a while.  Also fonts and hand-lettering are very in style as well.  As far as colors go, I think that bright and bold are mostly what I saw.

What were some of the challenges involved in putting together a book which cohesively showcases so many different artists and their work?

The biggest challenge was probably working with deadlines.  The book has over 50 contributors so naturally there was a handful of artists who were late in getting me the information that I needed so I learned that I needed to be patient but at the same time be firm with my timeline.  The artists as a whole were all great to work with so I can’t really complain.

How did you go about criteria for selecting designers/artists?

I only selected artists that I loved.  It was as simple as that.  The only real criteria was that the designers had to be different from the designers included in the first book.

Any online tools, planners or apps that you used or found helpful during this project?

I wish!  I am very low-tech so I just used Word.  If a part three ever comes into existence I will have to do some research on online tools and apps.  I am sure that there are easier and faster ways to do things.

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Ink Garden

by Cat on June 13, 2011

Ink Garden is a brand new and VERY fun company.  You can completely customize stationery, bookmarks, plates, birthday banners, etc.  You name it and they can make it.  I can’t stress just how much I love this addicting new website.  They even have a fun virtual clip art section that really allows for complete customizable pieces.

But wait.  There is more.  The kind folks over at Ink Garden are making an offer that we designing moms can’t refuse: $10 off of the first order of $20 or more.  The coupon code is MOMINC (This code does not include postage and handling. Can only be used once per customer. Cannot be used in conjunction with other offers).

So have fun creating, playing and dreaming about the endless possibilities!


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Shop: Valentine Cards at

by Cat on February 8, 2011

by Designing Mom Tori

Here are my latest valentines.  The captions read, “You have really grown on me. Happy Valentine’s Day”, “I cannot disguise my love for you…Be My Valentine”, “Owl Always Love you, Valentine”, and “Hugs and Kisses. Happy Valentine’s Day”

*Also, there is a code to save 15% on all Valentine orders… LOVE15


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Design and Decor: Granny Dott

by Cat on January 20, 2011

by Designing Mom Tori of Tori Higa

I was telling a new friend about a great little store that features local artist’s and designer’s work.  I went on to talk about about a particular cut paper artist’s work that I really admired.  Before I could finish describing the work, my friend interjected “that’s my great-grandmother-in-law!’  And sure enough, she was right.  (One thing I have learned since my recent move to a small town is that everyone knows everyone)

Granny Dott is “ninety years young” and has spent a lifetime creating art and hand crafted items.  She recently opened up her own etsy shop called Granny Dott’s Creations featuring her hand cut silhouette art.  Her shop is currently stocked with monograms which I think would be perfect for a child’s bedroom.

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