Featured Designing Mom: Cortney Novogratz

by Cat on June 19, 2012

Instantly another fave interview of mine for our book, Mom,Inc. was with design wonder and mom Cortney Novogratz. I had a chance to sit down with her for our interview in her gorgeous West Village home and she could not have been more gracious and open about her journey as a mother of seven (yes seven!) and a self-taught design extraordinaire.
Along with her husband Robert, the two have an impressive cache of design projects under their belt, books and two hit series (Nine by Design and Home by Novogratz). The day I showed up to their “Hoops House” it was relatively quiet as only their youngest son, Major, was home. But the family’s enigmatic creativity could be felt throughout. From a long, tell-tale line of coats on the first floor hallway, to a basketball court, to their daughters’ funky personalized rooms, this house was a free-flowing work-live-design space for the family. In fact, the table I sat down with Cortney at for the interview was a table used for meals, homework, family gathering time and work. You could say the home was perfectly balanced in being both decadent in design moves yet being impressively efficient.
Cortney’s passion (a de rigeur to every mom in the book) was more than evidenced and I loved hearing about her projects which included many challenging up and down aspects within her industry. From the start, she had a ceaseless hunger to glean knowledge from friends in the business and shadow architects and contractors to teach herself the nuts and bolts of how to exact her both her foundational and aesthetic visions for her projects. Just as she and her husband strive to bring out their childrens’ individual strengths, she reiterated trying to bring out the same in her clients’ dream spaces.
Thank you Cortney for inviting me to your home and letting us include you in our book–you are an inspiration to all.
Be sure to stay tuned in the coming days as I’ll have pics the Novogratz home as well as a little QA “day in the life” of Cortney and Robert!
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