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by Cat on March 1, 2011

Little Collector is more than just a print shop for kids.  If you are looking to introduce some true contemporary art to your little ones, read on…

Tell us a little bit about LittleCollector. What is it all about?

Little Collector’s goal is to make contemporary art accessible to children and families. We are committed to inspiring the next generation of art lovers through the presentation of accessible contemporary art. We believe that viewing art is an essential part of childhood—a fundamental creative experience. And we know that good things happen when art becomes a part of any home. We’ve created this very special collection of contemporary art for children, working directly with today’s leading artists and illustrators. Exclusive to us, you’ll find original works of art created by world-renowned artists specifically with the active imaginations of little ones in mind. Our prints are affordable, limited-edition and we use only the highest-quality materials to ensure our child-friendly prints live long, inspiring lives on your walls.

I think the question a lot of moms have is when we should introduce fine art to our children. How young is too young?

Children are never too young to begin looking at art! As a new mom, I have been so excited to see my 5 month-old-son begin to engage with the art in our home and the pictures in the storybooks we read. I believe that viewing art is a fundamental creative experience, just like making your first finger painting. Even from a very early age, looking at new things can spark a child’s imagination. Viewing art is a lifelong conversation that can begin as early as you want to make it a part of your life. I think the images we immerse ourselves in throughout our lives can really influence our creative development. There is always something rewarding for children in viewing art, even at the most basic level of viewing stimulating colors, shapes, and patterns – the things that get brain waves firing. From there this conversation evolves and grows to include more specific content, the beginnings of art history, when we begin to ask the questions: What do you see? How does it make you feel? What do you think is happening in this painting? What do you think it would be like to be inside it? It is important to connect with your children at their level, and engage their imaginations in the process. Children’s interpretations of contemporary art can be really amazing.

Many of our readers are moms that are trying to keep up with the times and keep things fresh and edgy while still managing to be amazing moms. Do you have any advice for our readers?

As a busy creative mom, I think the best way to introduce art history to your children is to just start looking, talk about what you see, and let your conversation continue and grow. When you bring art you love into your home, you invite your family to explore it every day.

Tell us more about the Art 101 feature on your site.

Art 101 is really a resource for families to learn more about contemporary art together and to explore terms and time periods that are relevant to what they are viewing. It is the foundation for our education initiative, which we are continuing to develop. We plan to post family art activities and other education ideas on our blog, and Art 101 will serve as a background for these posts – providing further explanation and content.

Do you see this as an investment for them?
I think LittleCollector prints are a wonderful investment for children – but not just in the monetary sense. It is an investment in creativity.

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