Featured Designing Mom: Kirsten Grove

by Cat on June 24, 2013

I love today’s featured Designing Mom, Kirsten Grove of Simply Grove… On top of having a gorgeous site/blog and sense of aesthetic she is as sweet and warm as one could imagine. Read on to find out about her life as a designer, blogger (check out the great DIY headboard she posted) and mother…

Did you always want to be an interior designer?

Yes, when I was nine years old I designed my own room, using a colorful rainbow palette. I’ve always been drawn to interior and styling. It’s a natural knack that I inherited from my dad.


How do you keep your home stylish yet kid-friendly?

Because of my passion for modern design, I usually don’t give up style for practicality. I just go with it and learn, sometimes the hard way. My kids are amazing and already appreciate fun design. They’re perfect for me!

What are some easy, affordable ways to freshen up a living space? 

Throw pillows are always an easy way to modernize and freshen up a space. Rugs and plants are also quick alternatives to liven up any room.

How do you maintain a successful business with motherhood?  

Being a mommy is my number one priority. With that it is super important for me to let them see me do what I love. Working from home means I have to be super creative with my kids, when they are not in school, which makes things exciting and sometimes frustrating. They are both older and understand that when mommy needs to finish a project, it’s time to get out the coloring books.

What’s your advice to your fellow designing moms?

Try and always think outside of the box. Think of new ways to create family friendly design WITHOUT losing style. Let your kids test drive new ideas!

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