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by Cat on September 20, 2011

Last week I posted up the fab under $300 room by Melissa Esplin of I Still Love you. Today I thought it’d be fun to show the QA Stephanie at the studio had with Melissa about her day in the life. I always find these to be reassuring that as moms we’re all in the mix together…juggling, making it happen, being creative in bits and jags…

What’s a typical day in your life like?
As embarrassing as this sounds, I tried (for about two weeks) going to bed early (10pm) & waking up early (5am), but I’ve failed miserably. I wake up whenever I hear Penelope banging her garbage cans with her drumsticks and roll out of bed with the most spectacularly scary bed hair on the planet. There’s a reason why scary dinosaurs don’t phase her.

In the mornings we like to play together, but usually I’m so lazy (read: tired) we end up watching Word World, Pingu & Pokoyo together. They’re really cute shows! Sometimes we’ll run errands. Sometimes we’ll get out of the house & play. We have lunch – Penelope likes to dictate what we have – she’s pretty good at choosing good things like eggs, tuna sandwiches, apples, etc. Usually it’s picnic style. Penelope goes down for quiet time around 1 and that’s when I get to work. Felix & I will hang out in my studio while I work on the blog, design work & answering emails.

Chris gets home around 4, he rides his bike to & from work, so he comes home completely famished. I usually am so engrossed in projecting that he ends up fending for himself. He’s used to it now, poor guy. Once Penelope wakes up from her nap, we tag team taking care of the kids until bedtime. After bedtime it’s back to the studio for me & into the garage (muscle garage) for Chris. He lifts weights & he’s getting huge. Chris will go to bed around 10pm while I stay up far too late working on projects, emails & browsing my favorite blogs.

In a nutshell, my typical day is 100% computer time with a little family time & errands in the mix.

What’s one thing on your creative to do list?
Making my own salt water sandals. Or gladiator sandals. I want to conquer cobbling!

How do you recharge your creative batteries?
By going offline & hanging out with friends & family. Girly craft nights work miracles for me.

If you could do one thing this year that was totally frivolous, what would it be?
Hmmm. . . I’d take an impromptu trip to Mountain View, CA to hit up my favorite BBQ joint: Uncle Frank’s Barbecue. Mmmm, brisket!

–> For more photos and info on her price breakdown, take a peek over here at ISLY.

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fanfamfun September 20, 2011 at 6:36 am

nice and inspiring. 🙂 x


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