Featured Designing Mom: Sonja Rakicevic

by Cat on February 28, 2011

by Designing Mom Liberty

Sonja of Miki and Sonja is a friend of mine that I have met through a local Moms group that we’re both a part of. She’s an amazing photographer with a beautiful eye and it was really fun to read her answers!

What is a day like in your life?
At this point in my life, I feel like  I am on somewhat of a
rollercoaster.  With a 4.5 year old girl and a 1.5 year old boy, our
routines are continually changing which makes it extremely difficult to be
efficient!  Right now, Mon-Fri, I tend to get up between 6:30 and 7:00
am.  I have a pretty quite breakfast with my little boy, who is a picky
eater and seems to eat more of my cereal than his.  Once my daughter up
and fed, I leave them both with my husband downstairs (who is also a
photographer) and head upstairs to the “office” to start on emails.  About
the time I finish, it’s time to switch places with my husband, so he can come
upstairs to work on process the images from recent jobs.  No sooner than
he gets going, it’s time for us to switch again so that I can make phone calls,
retouch images, work on albums, etc…..  This tag team approach, to
childcare, goes on until about 3:00 in the afternoon when we all start to go
stir crazy.  Usually, I will try to go to the park or head over to a
friend’s house for a play date.  This allows my husband some quite time,
and the kids time to run around away from home!  Then it is back home to
get dinner ready, put the kids to bed and hopefully by 9:00 the house is quite
at last.  I can finally sit down once more to complete my emails, prep for
upcoming jobs, take care of the accounting, marketing and maybe surf the
internet for fun.  If it is a good night I am in bed by midnight….
Then it starts all over, until the weekend, which is a little different.  Our
jobs are away from home, and we can be gone anywhere from 10 to 15
hours.  It is a good mental break from being at home all week, but is
physically exhausting.

How do you juggle motherhood and art?
It’s hard to juggle motherhood and art, especially when the
art is your business.  My husband and I photograph many events/people. There
is an expectation of what will be delivered, which is not always the “artistic”
way.  I try to add my artistic eye to everything I shoot, but find I
also have to be very careful to deliver what is expected.  Being a mother
does not allow me much time to explore my artistic side.  So, when I
am on a job, I make sure to get
the expected shots and then take a few minutes to explore and experiment with
what I want to do.  I have plenty of ideas of what I would like to try,
but now is not the right time to try all of them.  Right now I have chosen
two on going personal projects to work on.  Before kids, I could have
dived into them.  Now I have to be more patient and realize I may only be
able to work on them several times a year.

Where do you draw on for inspiration?

Since I work with visual media, I tend to be influence by other
types visual media.  Combine that with a passion for the dramatic, and it
pretty much sums up what I want to portray through my photos. The inspiration
for my style, I suppose comes from travel, fashion, magazines and other
artists.  I only wish I had the time and energy to learn and experience
more!  I believe my passion stems from the degree I have in Art
History.  In particular, I thrive on the Middle Ages in Europe.  My
imagination can go wild with stories I create from just looking at art objects
– what was going on when they were created, how the people involved
felt, and where
their lives took them.  I suppose it’s very similar to how I feel when I
see an old photograph – I just want to jump into the picture and learn all
about what happened previous to the image being taken, what was going on at the
moment the image was created and the future of those captured in time.

How do your recharge your creative batteries?

I really need to recharge my creative batteries!!!
Finding the way and time is challenging.  I guess I try to find projects
that are completely unrelated to photography – sewing, knitting, cooking and
traveling.  It helps to give my brain a workout in different creative ways.
I also love to read, but can rarely make it past a few pages before I fall
asleep – so that’s not really effective. What is one thing on your
creative to-do list? One thing on my personal creative to-do list is
to create a
series of portraits with my 4×5 camera.
If you could do one thing this year that was totally frivolous – what would it be?

If I could do something totally frivolous this year, I would
take a driving trip, with my husband, from Georgia to Main.  After a job
in New England last month, I really want to learn more about American
history and stay in as many romantic Bed and Breakfast places as
possible.  A trip without the kids, of course,
leaving them with the best babysitters ever – my parents!

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