Meet Designing Mom: Wendy Dailey

by Cat on March 18, 2014

Wendy Daily is one inspiring mama… Her organization boldly and creatively helps confront one of the most heartwrenching dilemmas of women in third world countries: human trafficking. And her balance of raising a family while running iSanctuary will inspire you…



I’m the proud mom of a seven-month-old and a seven-year-old. My first born is actually the
company I helped found over seven years ago–International Sanctuary (iSanctuary). This
once fledgling organization, founded to help empower girls and women rescued from human
trafficking, is fast becoming well recognized for its fashionable and affordable, handmade
jewelry, as well as its innovative business model in truly making real changes in the lives of
survivors. Today we have served over 300 young girls and women rescued from human
trafficking in the U.S. and India. My second child is seven-month-old Tatum Grace and she is
literally growing up right alongside my “first born” and blossoming into a beautiful, spirited little girl. I can’t imagine my life without both labors of love that, at one point in life, never seemed possible.


What it’s like to juggle motherhood and your inspiring organization?

Seven month old, Tatum, my trooper, rolls with life in spite of how much I’ve been told
that “Babies thrive on structure.” Our lives don’t have the luxury of taking naps at 10am
and 2pm every day. If a meeting is scheduled, I simply strap her to the front of me in
her carrier and off we go to a coffee shop to meet our next “Client.” I’ve had to trade
taking notes on my iPhone for mental notes while I do the mommy dance back and
forth– patting her bum, stroking her nose, hoping she’ll stay appeased while intently
hanging on every word of my esteemed colleague at hand, not wanting to miss a beat! It
helps that my business partner Stephanie is her biggest fan and doesn’t mind assuming
the “Auntie” role more often than not. Or that any volunteer who walks in the office is
eager to swipe her out of my hands allowing me a few precious moments to finish up a
proposal or answer a phone call or two. As busy as it gets juggling my baby and this
cause, I can’t see doing it any other way.


Best part of your day? Most challenging?

The most challenging is the best part of my day. The most challenging is trying to do
both. I want to be an amazing mother, I want to be an amazing leader and the best part,
is I get to do both. When I’m with my baby, I’m 100%. When I’m working, I’m 100%.
Though it’s challenging, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

How did iSanctuary get started and what inspired the founders?

Little did I know what I was getting myself into seven years ago. Stephanie Pollaro was living
in Mumbai, India working with girls ages 12-19, rescued from forced commercial sex slavery,
all because of an article she read in Marie Claire highlighting human trafficking. Reading it,
she knew her life had changed forever. Over the course of the next several months, she sold
everything and moved to India to work with girls rescued from sex trafficking. She taught them
the skill of jewelry making as a means of generating income and needed someone to sell the

Having had experience in Cambodia and seeing trafficking first hand and the atrocity that
destroyed these young girls, I felt compelled by the cause and was eager to do my part.
With only a background as an elementary school teacher, I had plenty to learn in leading an
international non-profit business. Seeing the transformation in the girls and women we’ve
served, knowing there are more girls and women that need hope, dignity, and a chance at a
new life is what keeps me going.

What is a typical day in your life?

Every day is different and everyday is challenging. This simple phrase–“We’re doin’ it!” has
become my “Dailey” mantra. When Tatum was only two months old and I stumbled down the
stairs with her in one arm, my laptop and purse in the other, it just popped in my head–“We’re
doin’ it!” When I drop off an order at a retail account, with her in one arm and a bag of product
in the other, I look down at her and remind myself, “We’re doin’ it!” As everyone is distracted by
the darling, beautiful baby (I may be just a bit biased) they don’t seem to notice the mom with
beads of sweat building under her lip, awkwardly hitching baby on one hip, while juggling pieces of jewelry over the counter. As I walked out the door, a sigh of relief is released after I’ve single-handedly taken an order and managed not to drop my child! “Mission accomplished!” I say to her as I click her into her car seat while she looks up at me and babbles.

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