Photographer: Erin Samuell

by Cat on February 21, 2011

I wanted to introduce Erin Samuell today who was discovered by dear friend and fellow Designing Mom Abby at Style Me Pretty. Erin runs a photography studio called “A Simple Photograph“. She’s also a mother of two and a wedding photographer extraordinaire.  Read below about what inspires her work and life and click here to see more of her work!


I have been a photographer… forever!  I went to Sheridan College in Oakville, Ontario where I trained to be a commercial photographer.  In the end, shooting product wasn’t my cup of tea and I set out looking for new challenges in the wedding and portrait world and since then, I have never looked back!

I love working with children.  I have two boys of my own, Will and Eddie ages 5 and 4 (pictured in the snowy playground shot) and that makes it much easier for me to relate to families and kids.  My strategy to get the most out of kids portraits is to simply play and have fun.  Kids are great!  If they are enjoying themselves they are so natural and free in front of a lens and interestingly enough when the kids are relaxed and enjoying themselves the parents seem to take their cues from them and do the same!  That’s when you get the best shots!

I’m not sure what my little men think about having a photographer for a mommy.  Truthfully, I think they are a bit confused by it.   I work from home and because of that, life and business cross paths regularly.   They often come with me on errands, delivering products and running into the lab.  Each time I say “mommy just has to do one little thing for work before we go to the park”  that leads to “you work here?  I thought you said you worked at that last place?”.  I do quite a bit of work for The Stratford Shakespearian Festival and after taking them to see Peter Pan this summer, I explained that I worked for the theatre and now they are convinced I work directly with Captain Hook.   They just can’t figure out what he and the UPS delivery man have in common.  I think they understand that I take pictures, but I don’t think they understand why yet.  I am also mindful to not over photograph them.  It’s a bit of a job hazard for any photo mom.    When they say that they don’t want their picture taken, no matter how difficult, I force myself to put the camera away and respect their wishes.  I want photography to stay fun, for all of us.

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caroline hsu February 21, 2011 at 8:16 am

These are great father/son/daughter photos!


Erin Samuell February 23, 2011 at 4:47 am

Thanks for the great feature!!!


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