Shop: North American Bear Company

by Cat on October 11, 2011

When I was in middle school I remember receiving monthly catalogs from North American Bear in the mail that were filled with everthing from miniature Steiff bears to decadent life-sized grizzlies. I literally slept with those catalogs under my pillow and dreamt of their elegant “Muffy Vanderbear” many a night. I was delighted to be re-acquainted with North American Bear recently. They have expanded from bears to the most adorable dolls and “monster” dinosaurs. And there is so much about this company to be inspired by. Barbara Isenberg was a mom who started this toy company over 30 years ago when she was in search of the perfect teddy bear. Now the has company grown (with many employees whom are moms) to include developing toy products that are inspired and designed by the staff’s own children. To visit them click here!

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